Project Management and General Planning

As a project manager, our primary goal is to ensure that, in all cases, the facilities required by our partners and planned by us or another company:

  • fully meet the investor’s expectations,
  • comply with the applicable professional and legal requirements and
  • are implemented within the framework of the original budget.
It is in the spirit of the above principles that we plan and coordinate the projects contracted to us.

Our services

As part of project management:

  • in the initial project phase, we act as a technical expert, consultant and participate in bid preparation,
  • in the preparation and implementation phases, we provide general planning, end-to-end project management and technical inspection services.
If your company plans to perform architectural, technological or infrastructure development in the future, we can efficiently support your work with the following services:

Project preparation
Preparation of plans

Revision of plans
Project supervision

Technical inspection
On-site project management

Why hire a project management company?

Are you planning to launch a project? Are you building a new manufacturing hall, supermarket, warehouse, office building or hotel? Are you considering extending your existing facilities?
Projects of such magnitude rarely occur in a company’s life – no wonder if you feel you do not have the necessary internal resources, experience and routine to implement your plans.

What awaits you as the project owner when you start to implement your ideas and plans? A lot of internal and external meetings and discussions, plan and budget preparation exercises and a maze of authority permit processes. Not to mention the tendering of construction companies, contracting, the coordination of the work of subcontractors and the continuous supervision of the progress, quality and costs of he work done. All these take a lot of the project owner’s time and energy.

The lack of experience, the insufficient knowledge of regulations, procedures and buktatók can easily lead to delays, unnecessary expenses and other unforeseen difficulties!

What can help is if you hire a specialised company for the end-to-end management of your project. You may have already begun the implementation of your plans and start to feel that professional assistance would be a great help. The involvement of a project management company in any phase of your project could be helpful: such a company can take much of the burden off the shoulders of the project owner.

What additional help does general planning offer?

According to our experience, project implementation, if combined with general planning, will result in a lower investment cost and a shorter implementation time for the project owner. General planning can also be ordered and used throughout the full project period independently of project implementation, as a separate service – from the preparation of the concept plan through obtaining authority permits to planner project supervision during the implementation phase.

Why IES?

Safeguarding the interests of the project owner

  • We are convinced that one of the key tasks of a project manager is to consistently and clearly stand up for the interests of the project owner during the full project rollout period.
  • We offer our services to investors who want to be sure as project owners that their ideas and plans will be implemented by the scheduled deadline and within the limits of the allocated budget.


  • Also having worked on the side of the constructor and service provider, our staff members have gained the necessary experience, which they can now utilise for the interests of the project owner.

Complex thinking

  • When managing projects, we think in a complex manner, which enables us to help our customers define and fine-tune their actual needs.
  • In each case, we make a proposal for the solution which is technically and financially the best in the given circumstances.
  • We help to ensure that the activities of the different professionals – magas- és mélyépítők, electrical and machinery installation people – are smoothly coordinated and performed with the least possible logistical conflicts.

High quality project management

  • Under a contract, the work is continuously controlled, documented and managed by us in a high quality – from order placement to project completion.
  • We quickly and flexibly react to problems that arise on the way.

Responsibility taking

  • Jóteljesítési és szavatossági garanciát vállalunk, since our objective is to create, in cooperation with our customers, facilities which represent truly high quality and have a long lifetime.

One project – from the idea to the completion of implementation

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