Project preparation

In the preparation phase of the project, we undertake the following activities:
  • exact identification of the investor’s needs
  • elaboration of alternative plans for implementation
  • preparation of draft plans to facilitate the compilation of an accurate project programme
  • presentation of the advantages and disadvantages of the different technical solutions to the project owner
  • if requested: finding an appropriate area and site for the project
  • studying of local building regulations, discussions with the competent building authority and, if necessary, identification of opportunities of modifying plans for local building regulations
  • conducting preliminary negotiations with the competent authorities and public utility providers
  • assistance in the preparation of tender documents

Preparation of plans, obtaining authority permits

We prepare the necessary set of plan documents or issue a tender invitation for planners, help the customer select the best bidder and prepare the contracts to be made for the project.

We organise the consultations with the competent authorities which are required to prepare the final plans. We undertake the following activities in this work phase:

Building permit obtaining
  • preparation of set of plans
  • act as general planner (coordination of the work of specialised planners and the details of the plans prepared)
  • obtaining authority permits for plans
  • obtaining permits for the completed plans and studying alternative technical proposals for further planning, to achieve the best cost level.
  • If necessary, conduct the planning committee procedure.

Budget compilation

Tender plan and budget
Preparation of the set of plan documents with the level of detail required for bidding for construction, c/w quantities without pricing. Preparation of a draft time schedule for the cornerstones and milestones of project implementation.

As-built Documentation
If you are interested in our services in further detail, please consult our brochure about project implementation and general planning!

Revision of plans

If the investor already has completed plans, we are happy to make a comprehensive revision of the plans. As part of this activity, our staff will review the plans, the related technical descriptions, information and documents, and collect the laws and regulations applicable to the project.

We then check if the existing plans:
  • comply with the related laws in force and other professional requirements (regulations on operation, safety and environmental protection, special industry standards),
  • respond to the original needs and requirements of the investor,
  • can be implemented in a professional manner and in appropriate quality, from the planned budget.

If required, we also try to make recommendations for plan modifications and alternative technological solutions that are technically equivalent but result in a reduction of costs.

Project supervision

As a project management company, we support our employers through our complete portfolio of project management services in several ways:
  • We issue a tender invitation to contractors and subcontractors for project implementation.
  • We supervise project implementation and, as part of that, monitor the observance of deadlines and manage budget usage.
  • We organise and coordinate regular cooperation meetings.
  • We provide the project management services related to the use of grants used in projects.
  • We also provide construction supervision as the planner.
As part of project supervision, we undertake to perform the following tasks:
1. Prequalification of Contractors
  • Examination of the technical and financial suitability of the companies planned to be involved in project implementation; using the prequalification system, assessment of these companies.
  • Preparation of the list of companies planned to be invited for the tender and the finalisation of the list together with the project owner.
2. Organisation of Bidding for Contractors
  • Preparation of bid documents (technical descriptions, draft budgets without actual prices, draft contracts, time schedules). As agreed with the project owner, organise a general, field-specialised or mixed bidding process.
  • Dispatch of RFQs and documents to pre-qualified contractors.
  • Evaluation of bids, preparation of comparative analyses, checking of quantities.
  • Selection of the companies submitting the best offers together with the project owner and their invitation to further negotiations. Personal technical and price bargain meetings (1-2-3 occasions).
  • Evaluation of the alternatives, technical and financial possibilities proposed by contractors. Selection of the best offer together with the project owner.
3. Preparation and Signature of Contracts
4. Reporting of Construction Commencement to Authorities
5. Handover of Construction Site, Launch of Construction Activities
  • checking of the location of plot points by geodetic surveyors
  • construction of temporary facilities
  • documentation of the circumstances of construction
  • checking of documents and official reports to be supplied by the contractor, as required by law
6. Grant Management
  • monitoring of the technical and financial performance of project parts implemented from grants
  • preparation of the technical reports, photo documentation and financial account settlement documents required for project closing
7. Communication
  • preparation of reports about project progress for internal and external communication
  • if requested, we also perform the compulsory communication tasks, required to ensure publicity
8. Tasks Related to Obtaining the Usage Permit
  • following the successful completion of the technical handover-acceptance process, apply for the usage permit
  • ensuring that authority regulations are satisfied
  • provide preliminary information for specialised authorities, organise site visits, prepare documents
  • collection of the necessary documents
  • preparation of the environmental documents
9. Usage, Commissioning and Commercial Operation Permits
  • Participation in the live operation licensing process, as required by the function of the facility, on the customer’s side.
10. Guarantee Site Visit after 1 Year

Technical inspection

Technical inspection, labour safety, quality assurance
  • technical inspection of the different trades (architecture, building machinery, electricity, weak current, civil engineering, static engineering, environmental protection, public utility network installation, etc.)
  • on-site supervision of compliance with labour safety and quality assurance plans

On-site project management

During the construction phase, our company also undertakes the organisation and coordination of actual construction activities and, if requested, we provide full-time presence at the building site.

We do the technical supervision jobs prescribed by law and required by the project, as frequently as required by the actual work processes.

If requested, we also provide construction supervision as the planner.

In this project phase, we undertake the following activities:

1. Technical Supervision, Work Safety, Quality Assurance
  • technical supervision of the activities of experts of special fields (architects, utility, electrical, low-current, civil and structural engineers, environment protectors, public utility installation companies, etc.)
  • on-site supervision of compliance with the labour safety and quality assurance plans
2. Financial Scheduling, Budget Monitoring, On-Site Project Management
  • lead weekly cooperation meetings, prepare minutes about cooperation, continuous information supply to the project owner
  • monitoring of the budget, updating of financial scheduled, approval of invoices and management of additional works
  • take photos and keep a photo archive about the progress of project implementation
  • if required by the project owner, arrange continuous on-ite supervision
3. Technical Handover-Acceptance
  • organise the technical handover-acceptance process
  • put together defect lists and supervise the elimination of defects/li>
  • prepare the documents about the completion of construction
4. Contracts with Public Utility Companies
  • make preliminary calculation about consumption
  • sign contracts with public utility service providers
5. Training
  • preparation of the quality and operation documents
  • management of the required test runs