Supply, installation, commissioning, maintenance and operation of transformer stations


Situations in which to contact us:

If you are planning a new project and you will need electric power…

…we will investigate whether low voltage power will satisfy the electric power needs of your new facility or – for operational safety or financial considerations – using medium voltage would be more favourable. In the latter case, we will lend you a hand in the management of your project with the power suppliers (management of request submission and performance commitment) and undertake to supply, install, maintain and even operate the required items of equipment (e.g. transformer stations).

Are you planning to enlarge your plant? Will you need a larger volume of electric power after project completion?

If you are currently using power at low voltage, we will investigate whether this will remain the optimal solution or changing to medium voltage use would make your operation more economical. If transition to medium voltage use is justified, we will lend you a hand in the management of your project with the power suppliers (management of request submission and performance commitment) and undertake to plan the required transformer station and to supply, install, maintain and operate the required items of equipment.
If you are already using power at medium voltage, your existing equipment may have to be replaced or a new transformer station may have to be installed due to the larger power volume needed by your new plant unit. If needed, we will supply and install the appropriate transformer station and will maintain and even operate it in the future.

If you do not have the equipment or switching authorisations required for the operation of your transformer station…

… we will undertake to operate your MV-LV transformer stations in a professional manner, in accordance with the applicable regulations in force.

Not having a solution for the regular and professional maintenance of your transformer station?

The inappropriate or completely missing maintenance of transformer stations increases the risk of breakdowns and the resulting losses! Our company offers the expertise and special equipment required for the maintenance of medium-to-low voltage transformer stations. If needed, we are happy to undertake the regular and professional maintenance of your transformer station. With properly documented and regular maintenance, you stand a chance of getting your insurance premium decreased.

Coping with problems related to the operation of your electric network? Your company regularly experiences operation malfunctions and breakdowns or other losses resulting from them?

As part of the elimination or prevention of operation malfunctions, we check and test the operation of protection settings. As a result of the elimination of the problems identified, you can achieve a major decrease in production losses and, consequently, significant savings.

Do you have outdated transformer equipment with a high loss ratio?

It is always worthwhile to make specific loss calculations. Our experts are ready to make an analysis of your network and to work out energy management solutions based on the analysis findings. These will make your company’s electric power consumption easier to control, reduction possibilities can be identified and, based on these, significant savings can be achieved in electric power costs. If the replacement of your existing equipment becomes necessary, we undertake to supply, install, maintain and, later, even to operate the new transformer station.

Transformer stations that we cover with our services:

  • We supply both compact transformer stations in a concrete housing and ones installed in a building erected on site.
  • Our services cover the products of all major equipment suppliers of the power industry whose products are widely used in Hungary.
1. Medium voltage distribution cabinet
  • Schneider Electric: RM6, SM6, AREVA
  • Siemens: 8DH10, 8DJH, SIMOSEC és NXPLUS
  • ABB
  • Oil transformers (oil-immersed distributor transformers)
    • Schneider Electric: Minera
    • Siemens: TUMETIC, TUNORMA
    • GBE
  • Dry transformers (transformers with an artificial resin insulation):
    • Schneider Electric: Trihal
    • Siemens: GEAFOL
    • GBE
  • by the transformers’ performance level:
    • typically in the 50-3150 kVA range
    • if higher performance is required: as per the individual requirement
  • by the transformers’ voltage level:
    • typically 10 kV and 20 kV transformers
    • between 3.6-36 kV: as required
  • We can supply transformers both with a normal and a reduced loss ratio. (The latter are more expensive but less electric power is lost in the course of their use.)
3. Low voltage distribution cabinet
  • we typically work with Siemens, Schneider, Eaton (Moeller), ABB and SCHRACK equipment.