Technical consultancy services for electrical networks and systems

Quality, security and efficiency
As part of our technical consultancy activities, we survey the condition of the existing power network, carry out the necessary diagnostic tests and prepare a network analysis. Based on the results of these, we identify the existing system’s critical points and make a proposal for the measures to be taken to improve the security of power supply and to reduce the customer’s power costs. The results of the tests and our related proposals are submitted to the customer in the form of a study document or a presentation. If requested, we also assist in the implementation of the proposed changes.

Design and implementation services for power networks and systems

One special activity area of our company is the provision of services and installation related to electric power distribution:
In the initial phase of projects, we act as technical experts and/or consultants.
In the preparation and implementation phases we either provide complete project management or act as the electrical installation service provider.
Following the completion of projects, we provide complex after-sale services to make our customers as successful in their own field of activity as possible.
Our project managers handle all of the project processes – all the way from situation survey and offer submission to the handover-acceptance process.

Typically, we perform the following installation tasks:

Installation and putting into operation of medium and high voltage distribution equipment and transformers.

Manufacturing, assembly and putting into operation of low voltage distribution equipment

Installation of the complete electrical systems of new and renewable facilities, from the installation of temporary power supply to the installation of lights and lamps.

Installation and putting into operation of facility automated systems.

Establishment of energy management.

Operation and maintenance of electrical networks and systems

Services provided:
Planning of Operation
Regular Site Visits, Inspections
Resolution of Operating Troubles, Operation Related Tasks
Scheduled Maintenance Activities
Spare Part Supply
Guarantee Extension

End-to-end installation of medium and low voltage transformer stations

Situations in which to contact us:
if you are planning a new project, in which you will need electric power
if you are planning to enlarge your plant and you will need a larger volume of electric power after the completion of the enlargement
if you do not have the equipment or switching authorisations required for the operation of your transformer station
if you do not have a solution for the regular and professional maintenance of your transformer station
if you are coping with problems related to the operation of your electric network, your company regularly experiences operation malfunctions and breakdowns or other losses resulting from them
if you have outdated transformers with a high loss ratio
Our services:
Transformer stations:
Transformer stations that we cover with our services:
We supply both compact transformer stations in a concrete housing and ones installed in a building erected on site.
Our services cover the products of all major equipment suppliers of the power industry whose products are widely used in Hungary.

End-to-end management of LV-MV (Low Voltage-Medium Voltage) transition

Controlling and optimising electric power costs
Corporate electric power costs can be reduced in many cases ba changing to medium voltage use. If your company is currently using power at low voltage, it is worthwhile to investigate whether it is the optimal solution or changing to medium voltage use would make your operation more economical.

LV-MV (Low Voltage-Medium Voltage) transition
For whom does it make sense to change to medium voltage power use? If transition is economical, what steps must be taken? Please read on for further details.