Népfőiskola (People’S College) Foundation – Karpátia Event Hall, Lakitelek (ongoing from 2022)
construction of a new multifunctional event hall in a green field investment In a 1-hectare, fully landscaped area, with parking lots and sports fields with different surfaces event space for 1,000 people, grandstand capacity: more than 300 people with full sports technology and event technology design our activities in the project: investment management, technical inspection
Municipality of Szeged County City – renovation of elementary schools for energy purposes, Szeged (2018-2020
modernization of 4 primary schools in Szeged (Sándor Bálint, Bonifert Domonkos, Tabán and Sándor Weöres Primary Schools) for energy purposes 11,400 m2 facade thermal insulation, replacement of 850 facade doors and windows, 40,000 m2 interior painting, 6,500 m2 roof thermal and waterproofing, installation of a 136.7 kWp solar panel system, construction of heat centers, modernization of heating – replacement of […]
Stand-by Police – Accomodation, Szeged (2017- 2018)
Country Hall – Buffet, Szeged (2018)
Szeged (a city with a county rank) – review of plans of schools, kindergartens, nurseries (2015 – 2016)
revise the plans on the modernisation of the power supply and architectural construction of 13 elementary schools, 5 kindergartens and 3 nurseries in Szeged coordinate planning processes act as an expert in the compilation of public procurement documents total self-cost of the projects: HUF 3.6 billion
J4 Services Facility – Budapest, 16th District (2015-2016)
a facility offering a wide range of services, on a floor area of 600 m2, with a facility part having a two-floor structure compilation of modified building permit and detailed construction plans, bidding process for contractor selection, project supervision technical inspection cost of the project: HUF 150 million